Aromatherapy Bracelets


Each style bracelet includes Porous lava stones. Choose from our custom hippy chick pineapple charm, our rugged men’s or our chakra style children’s. Each bracelet includes two of our custom aromatherapy oil blends of your choosing!

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Blend 1: Grumpy body blend. This is ideal for those long days at work or during an intense workout session.

Blend 2: Get it done blend. This is great for those busy days when you know you have to stay on the go and on your game.

Blend 3: Moody moments. This blend is great for those days you just don’t feel yourself. Not all of us enjoy people all the time, this blend will definitely make things easier.

Blend 4: Hey baby blend. This wonderful sensual aroma is sure to tickle all the right spots of you or anyone else you might be close to.


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