50mg CBD Transdermal Patch

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Provides 12+ hours of pain relief. This is a small 2x4in adhesive patch that slowly transmits a continual amount of CBD for hours of relief!

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Clean skin using alcohol swab or by washing with soap.  Dry thoroughly.

Remove backing and apply patch to intact skin, pressing firmly to ensure adhesion.

Onset is 1 hour +/- 30 minutes.

Duration: 12 hours

Menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate, mineral oil, oleic acid, CBD Sourced from Hemp

Recommended Application Areas:
Inside of wrists; top of hands; inside/outside of biceps; outside shoulder;

under armpit; back or back of neck below shirt-line; sides of torso; back;

inside of ankle; top of foot; or wherever patient experiences local muscle soreness, stiffness, pain, or weakness.


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